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Timing is Everything

In a world where we try so hard to control things that aren’t controllable, even uncontrollable things such as time it is hard to believe in timing. It’s hard to trust timing when all seems to be moving around you and you start feeling as though you are getting left behind. But sometimes, maybe after […]



If I had a travel vlog, then these are some of the places I’d definitely visit and make vlogs about. I find great nature sceneries fascinating in a way I can’t explain with words. Norway First thing I’d go see are fjords. A fjord is a place where the sea is sandwiched between high cliffs. […]


The Miracle that is your Body

in moments of stillness when i can feel my heart beating the blood coursing through my veins the breath coming in and out of my nose in those fleeting moments i get a glimpse of how miraculous existence is -meditation This post was inspired by Rupi Kaur on one of her Instagram Lives she did […]

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The Girl Who Walked Alone #8

you ask why i am vocal when it comes to feminism what you don’t understand is that the anger and the pain of the women who came before me flows through me i am them and they are me together we are one i am a vessel an instrument so when i speak i speak […]

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The Girl Who Walked Alone #7

make peace with your past make peace with the unknown make peace with what troubles you make peace with life do not waste any more of your energy fighting things you cannot change -letting go


Let’s Talk About Rejection

You and I have faced rejection in our lives. Right from the moment we were born to date, we’ve faced a countless number of rejections and in a way they have played a part in how we are today. Some of us became afraid because of it, while some of us became stronger because of […]

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A Letter To My Younger Self

I saw this concept when I read a blog post on the Tim Ferris website and decided to try it out. There are some things that we wish we knew when we were younger. Some things that if we knew back then, then we wouldn’t have made so many mistakes. But anyway, all that is in the […]

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Vulnerability, Acceptance & Uncertainty: Real Life Applications

About Myself: Vulnerability Vulnerability is the ability to accept all parts of yourself even the ones you don’t like about yourself and being willing to present those parts to the world without the fear of judgement or shame. For example, telling someone how you feel about them (I don’t know if it’s only me but […]

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Are You Really An Adult?

I recently read a life-changing article from Mark Manson about How to be an adult. It forced me to face some issues and accept that in so many ways I’m still operating from a child-like level of thinking. In some areas of my life, I’m at adolescent-level. After thinking about it, I don’t think there’s […]

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The Girl Who Walked Alone #6

It was always a rollercoaster The highs were really high and the lows were really low There was never a middle ground for us It crazy how you always ignore the red flags In the battle between the rational and the emotional The heart always wins over the mind You slowly start losing you You […]